Eider Ducks

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“Somateria mollissima. European Eider Duck. Bill with lateral frontal process extending on each side of the forehead, between the short pointed extension of the feathers on the culmen and the much greater extension of those on the sides of the bill, which reach to below the nostril, about opposite those on the chin. The general upper outline of the bill nearly straight, and the frontal processes narrow, acute, and nearly parallel. Adult male: Plumage almost entirely black and white. Top of head glossy blue-black, including eyes, and forking behind to receive the white of the hind-head. Occiput more or less washed with sea-green. Neck all around, fore breast, most of the back, most of the wing-coverts above and below, the curly tertials, and sides of rump, white, on the breast tinged with pale creamy-brown.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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