Astor to Philip's Right Eye

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“It was during the siege of Methone that Philip had the misfortune to lose on of his eyes. A random arrow discharged from the rampart fell square in the king’s face and destroyed one-half of his sight. When the arrow-head was drawn away, it was found to contain the following label: “Astor to Philip’s right eye.” It appeared on inquiry that the unerring missile had been discharged by an offended archer who has recently offered his services to the king and been rejected. He hd represented to Philip that his skill with the bow was great that he could kill a small bird on the wing. The king not believing the story had put off the applicant with the remark, “Well, well, I shall make use of thee when I go to war with the starlings.” Astor has then joined the Methoneans and now vindicated his skill in a way never to be forgotten."—Ridpath, 1885


Ridpath, John Clark Cyclopedia of Universal History (Cincinnati, OH: The Jones Brothers Publishing CO., 1885)


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