An Olive Tree

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“By the time [olive trees] are well grown the form of the young tree is established, and further pruning for form may be done in a general manner to obtain the following results: (1) Maintenance of a comparatively open center to the tree; (2) exposure to the sun and air as large a number as possible of last year’s branches around the circumference of the tree; (3) removal of all ground suckers and water sprouts; (4) preservation of outward-growing and drooping basal and lateral fruit branches; (5) heading back of upward-growing limbs, which consume much, but produce little; and, (6) the removal of all diseased or injured wood. In pruning for form the rules governing pruning for fruit should be kept in mind."—Government Printing Office, 1897


Trees: O-P


Government Printing Office Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1897)


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