John Callendar Saved by a British Officer

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“In Sullivan’s ranks is John Callendar, of Massachusetts. He commanded the artillery at Bunk Hill, and was accused of being a coward, and his command was taken from him. But he is a patriot, and is in the ranks. He sees a lieutenant commanding a battery fall, and the gunners begin to leave their guns. ‘Stop!’ he shouts. It is the voice of one accustomed to be obeyed, and the gunners return. He opens fire, and holds the position till the British sweep up the hill. The other soldiers flee, but he will not. He is ramming home a charge, when a bayonet is leveled at his breast. A British officer admires his heroism, and will not let him be harmed."—Coffin, 1879


Coffin, Charles Carelton The Boys of '76 (Franklin Square, NY: Harper & Brothers, 1879)


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