Knowledge is Power

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“The engraving shows a large, powerful man, of giant size and strength, endeavoring to move a large stone, or rock, which obstructs a passage way. His brute force is, however, unavailing, as with all his great strength he cannot move the stone one inch. But see the superiority of head work, or wisdom. A small, weak man approaches: he has not got half the bodily strength of his companion, but he has a larger and more powerful mind, and by it he can do what the other cannot; he can lift a weight which the other cannot move. His wisdom teaches him the power of the lever, and by one arm he can move a house, showing that ‘Knowledge is Power.’"—Barber, 1857


Groups of Men


Barber, John W. The Handbook of Illustrated Proverbs (New York, NY: George F. Tuttle, 1857)


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