Borrowed Garments Never Fit Well

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“We have before us quite a strange ooking personage as to dress. The boy evidently has on him his father’s or his grandfather’s clothing. Whatever he may think of his own dignity, the public who see him showing off himself in this manner are either amused or disgusted with his appearance. The fact is, he has got on cloths which do not belong to him; they are borrowed for the occasion. His body is too small to have them fit him: he is like the daw in the back ground with its borrowed feathers. A man appears better in his own clothes, made for his wear, even if they are thread-bare, than those of another, even if they are more fashionable than his own. Every man has a way of his own for doing business, and this for him is the best way."—Barber, 1857


Barber, John W. The Handbook of Illustrated Proverbs (New York, NY: George F. Tuttle, 1857)


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