Where there is a Will, there is a Way

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“We see here a towering cliff belonging to a mountainous range which rises like a wall, or barrier, between the neighboring portions of the same country. The inhabitants desire very much to have a free communication with each other, but there is a mountain barrier which it is extremely difficult to get over, or around; they, therefore, determine to go through it. The human will brings to its aid the powerful elements of fire and water. Gunpowder and the steam-engine work wonders - they force a way through the solid rock. The iron railway is made, and the traveler, instead of toiling through long tedious hours over a mountain pathway, in a few moments, while in an easy chair, finds himself on the other side."—Barber, 1857




Barber, John W. The Handbook of Illustrated Proverbs (New York, NY: George F. Tuttle, 1857)


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