Crystal of Iron Pyrite Showing Representatives of All the Forms of the Isometric System

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This figure represents a crystal of iron pyrite showing representatives of all the forms of the isometric system except the rhombic dodecahedron: ∞O∞ {100} (P); O, {111} (d); [∞O2/2], π{102} (e); [4O2/2], π{214} (s); 2O2, {211} (o); and 3O, {133} (t). It is shortened in the direction of one of the principal axes, which, together with the fact that only two of the three faces belonging to the forms s, o, and t are developed in each octant, gives to it a decidedly orthorhombic habit.




George Huntington Williams, Ph.D. Elements of Crystallography for Students of Chemistry, Physics, and Mineralogy (New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company, 1892)


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