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Galeopithecus is the generic name of certain mammals from the Malayan region, commonly (incorrectly) referred to as flying lemurs. The two species of Galeopithecus are now placed in a sub-order of Insectivora, and regarded as the vegetarian analogues of the insect-eating bats. The common species, G. volans, is about the size of a cat and has a flying-membrane. The teeth are remarkable, the lower incisors being comb-like, while the upper outer incisor at each side has two roots. Galeopithecus primarily inhabit forests. They feed upon leaves, fruit, eggs, insects, and even small birds. They are nocturnal. Though incapable of true flight, they can take long, flying leaps.


John H. Finley ed. Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopaedia (vol. 5) (New York, NY: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1917)


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