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ClipPix ETC License

ClipPix ETC is copyright © 2011-2012 by the University of South Florida.

Educational Use.

A maximum of twenty-five (25) ClipPix ETC items may be used in any non-commercial, educational project (report, presentation, display, website, etc.) without special permission. The use of more than twenty-five ClipPix ETC items in a single project requires written permission from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) at USF.


Please credit FCIT whenever a resource is used. If resources from this site are incorporated into a website, a link to must be included on your site. If you would like to help others find the ClipPix ETC site, you may choose to link to us with one of these banners or buttons instead of a text link.


No commercial use may be made of ClipPix ETC pictures at this time. Under no circumstances may the images on this site be included in any other published stock photo collection, whether sold or distributed freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require a link to ClipPix ETC if I use your pictures on my website?

We want to help other students and teachers find this site. We realize how difficult it is for students and teachers to find free stock photography sites without wading through inappropriate content. If we ask students and teachers who use our pictures to link to our site, then more people will be able to use our collection.

How do I cite pictures from ClipPix ETC in my projects?

If you are including a ClipPix ETC image in your school project, you should cite the image as you would do for any other source. Your teacher may specify a particular format for citing photographs from the Web. Most citation formats will include the photographer's name, the title of the photograph, the date the photograph was taken, the name of the online collection in which you found the photograph, the date you downloaded the photograph, and the URL of the webpage on which the photograph appears. The name of the photograph and the name of the collection (ClipPix ETC) should both be underlined or in italics.

Here's an example:
Winkelman, Roy. Flamingos in Water. 16 December, 2008. ClipPix ETC. Retrieved January 1, 2011, from

Additional notes about photo citations: