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A Look at the Exterior of the Ridgewood Hotel

A Look at the Exterior of the Ridgewood Hotel

The Ridgewood Hotel is massive edifice, constructed of irregular field stones that are pinkish-gray in color. The building appears to be four stories high, although the fourth floor appears to be primarily dormers. The Hotel is accessed through a wide arch, with a porch that runs the entire length of the building's facade. A brown flag with white lettering hangs over the front entrance. An arch farther down the building's facade has an American flag hanging over it. The grounds around the building are landscaped with regularly-spaced flowering plants. The green foliage of deciduous trees can be seen to the left and right, from the viewer's perspective.
Galleries: Daytona Beach, Hotels/Motels/Inns, Volusia
Keywords: American flag, daytona, hotel, souvenir postcard folder 1
Photo Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 1526×913
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29°12'38.93"N 81°01'22.20"W
Source: Mosquito Inlet Lighthouse front cover, Daytona, Florida (souvenir folder) (Milwaukee, WI: E.C. Kropp Co.) 7
Picture Number: 21398