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A Sidewalk on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona, Florida

A Sidewalk on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona, Florida

This scene provides a view down a sidewalk on Ridgewood Avenue. To the right of the sidewalk there a low stone wall that separates the sidewalk from houses. At each house location, the stone wall curves slightly inward, flank by short, square stone columns, with a wrought iron gate spanning the gap in the wall. To the let of the sidewalk there are a number of palm and deciduous trees, with narrow walkways running perpendicular to the sidewalk, between the gates and the road that is barely visible at the left edge of the scene. A single pedestrian can be seen in the distance.
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Keywords: daytona, homes, house, houses, road, sidewalk, souvenir postcard folder 2, stone wall, wrought iron
Photo Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 1640×1015
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29°12'38.93"N 81°01'22.20"W
Source: Alligator and Flowers front cover, Daytona, Florida (souvenir folder) (Jacksonville, FL: H. & W.B. Drew Co.) 20
Picture Number: 21390