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A View of South Beach Street, Showing the Yacht Club

A View of South Beach Street, Showing the Yacht Club

South Beach Street follows the curve of the waterline. There is a strip of greenspace, filled with sabal palms, between the road and the water. One early automobile is driving on the road, and another has pulled off to the left side. Through a gap in the palm trees, the yacht club can be seen. The club is white, wooden framed structure, with a gray roof. There is a square cupola, or covered observation deck, at the apex of he club's pitched roof. In the far distance, another observation deck can be seen.
Galleries: Daytona Beach, Other Buildings, Streets, Roads, and Highways, Volusia
Keywords: daytona, early automobile, observation deck, palm trees, road, souvenir postcard folder 3, yacht club
Photo Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 1517×921
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29°12'38.93"N 81°01'22.20"W
Source: Havens (folder, front) Sunset on the Halifax River front cover, Daytona, Florida (souvenir folder) (Jacksonville, FL: H. & W.B. Drew Co., 1904) 14
Picture Number: 21381