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An Aerial View of Fort Marion

An Aerial View of Fort Marion

This is a view of Fort Marion, from a slightly elevated position. One of the fort's bastions is directly in front of the viewer, with its turret visible at the top of the wall. To the right, a ramp can be seen leading into the fort's ravelin. This scene also shows two retaining walls outside the fort that are completely buried on the side facing away from the fort. The scene also depicts more modern objects, such as a metal tower and a dock with a boathouse at the far end. This fort is also called Castillo de San Marcos. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is a National Historic Landmark.
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Keywords: castillo san marcos, fort marion, saint augustine, st. augustine
Photo Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Date of Photo: 03/27/1909
Original Dimensions: 1526×933
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29°53'39.35"N 81°18'47.55"W
Source: Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Fla. (St. Augustine, FL: W. J. Harris Co., 1912) 1
Picture Number: 16896