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Columbia Restaurant Sign

Columbia Restaurant Sign

Detailed view of the restaurant sign. The restaurant was started by Casmiro Hernandez, Sr. who named the restaurant after the explorer Christopher Columbus and the song, "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean." He even incorporated the song title into his restaurant's motto, "Columbia the Gem of Spanish Restaurants." His experience of the freedoms allotted in the United States drew him to the song, which skillfully captures the feelings of being free. The lyrics to "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" are included below.
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Photo Location: Tampa, FL
Photographer: Dr. Roy Winkelman
Date of Photo: 01/06/2006
Device Make: Canon
Device Model: Canon PowerShot A95
Exposure Time: 1/60
F Number: 35/10
Original Dimensions: 2176×1784
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 27°56'50"N 82°27'31"W
Picture Number: 13784