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Florida Fred Lasswell Fabric Doll with Beret and Smock (Close Up)

Florida Fred Lasswell Fabric Doll with Beret and Smock (Close Up)

Cloth doll of "Uncle Fred", the renowned cartoonist Fred Lasswell. Fred is best known for being the artist, energy, and passion behind the cartoon strip Snuffy Smith. For approximately 50 years, Fred drew his famous characters, including Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. Fred was also committed to helping children learn to draw, and he took on the personification of Uncle Fred in a series of drawing programs for children. The doll is wearing a red beret and a blue artist smock. His face is printed on the fabric. The doll is signed "For Sweet Ann, Love Uncle Fred." The figure is 9 inches (23 cm) tall.

For the story, visit Draw and Color with Uncle Fred

Galleries: Historical Figures, Male, North America
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Photo Location: FCIT Photo Studio, Tampa, FL
Photographer: Dr. Ann E. Barron
Date of Photo: 05/30/2013
Device Make: Canon
Device Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure Time: 0.05
F Number: 22
Original Dimensions: 3744×5616
Picture Orientation: Portrait
GPS Coordinates: 28°3'40.85"N 82°24'36.26"W
Picture Number: 23434