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Hemming Park and the Windsor Hotel

Hemming Park and the Windsor Hotel

This is a birds' eye view of Hemming Park, and the Windsor Hotel. This scene shows the southwestern corner of the park, with the band stand and the Confederate Monument to the right. The Windsor Hotel is a four story building, with a square, central tower than rises to six stories. At the front of the hotel, there is a two-story porch. In the park, there are people sitting on backed benches. Just outside the park, there many cars parked parallel to the street.
Galleries: Duval, Hotels/Motels/Inns, Jacksonville, Local Parks
Keywords: confederate monument, hemming park, hotel, jacksonville, park, souvenir postcard folder 295, windsor hotel
Photo Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Original Dimensions: 1539×926
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 30°19'55.86"N 81°39'20.34"W
Source: Jacksonville, Florida, Hemming Park (souvenir folder) (Jacksonville, FL: Duval News Co.) 6
Picture Number: 17309