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Kapo Black Jar

Kapo Black Jar

Museum signage: At least on-third of the pottery used at Las Humanas was made elsewhere. The origin of the pottery can be determined by identifying the clay, the glaze, and the temper—the mineral added to the clay to keep it from cracking during firing. The Kapo black jar came from the Rio Grande valley above Santa Fe.
Galleries: Ceramic Arts, Native Americans, Salinas Pottery and Other Artifacts
Keywords: Gran Quivira, Kapo, Las Humanas, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, ceramics, crafts, jar, pottery, storage
Photo Location: Gran Quivira Contact Station Exhibit, Pueblo Missions National Monument, New Mexico
Photographer: Dr. Roy Winkelman
Date of Photo: 02/19/2014
Device Make: Canon
Device Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure Time: 0.125
F Number: 14
Original Dimensions: 3312×3492
Picture Orientation: Portrait
GPS Coordinates: 34°35'45.05"N 106°17'45.88"W
Picture Number: 26184