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Mission Concepción Elevation and Section Drawings

Mission Concepción Elevation and Section Drawings

This sheet includes the following drawings of Mission Concepción: longitudinal section of chapel, east elevation, tranverse section of chapel, section across chapel and convento, window in infirmary, and south elevation.

Drawn February 1937 by J. Welton Cook as a part of the Historic American Buildings Survey. Drawing was downloaded from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. and photo edited by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

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Keywords: HABS, Historic American Buildings Survey, Mission Concepción, San Antonio, Texas, WPA, Works Progress Administration, church, drawing, elevation drawing, mission, section drawing, survey
Photo Location: Mission Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Acuña, San Antonio, TX
Photographer: Welton Cook
Date of Photo: Feb 1937
Original Dimensions: 6000×4881
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29.390318°N 98.491799°W
Picture Number: 27281