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The Alcazar Hotel, from the Park

The Alcazar Hotel, from the Park

This scene shows the landscaped area in front of the Hotel Alcazar, with a central fountain between the viewer and the hotel. A wide, paved walkway leads to the fountain, bounded by trimmed hedges and palm trees. Between the two square towers that flank the main entrance, the name of the hotel appears in large letters on the exterior wall. This building, constructed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Galleries: Hotels/Motels/Inns, St. Augustine, St. Johns
Keywords: alcazar hotel, hotel, hotel alcazar, saint augustine, souvenir postcard folder 101, spanish colonial revival, st. augustine
Photo Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Original Dimensions: 3000×1888
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 29°53'39.35"N 81°18'47.55"W
Source: Souvenir Folder of St. Augustine, Florida (Jacksonville, FL: H. & W. B. Drew Co.) 17
Picture Number: 22413