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The Duval County Courthouse

The Duval County Courthouse

The Duval County Courthouse is two story building, with a domed central tower. The first floor exterior shows rusticated masonry, and windows with rounded arches. The second story windows are rectangular. The central tower is surrounded by a balustrade. he cornice has exposed brackets. The entrance is protected by an arcade with three arches which, in turn, support four columns. The motif of the pediment, at the front of the building, repeated with a gable on the other visible wall. This picture was made at some point after the 1914 Annex was added to the main building.
Galleries: Duval, Government Buildings, Jacksonville
Keywords: jacksonville, souvenir postcard folder 295
Photo Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Original Dimensions: 1533×913
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 30°19'55.86"N 81°39'20.34"W
Source: Jacksonville, Florida, Hemming Park (souvenir folder) (Jacksonville, FL: Duval News Co.) 1
Picture Number: 17304