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The Entrance to the Home of Henry M. Flagler

The Entrance to the Home of Henry M. Flagler

This in the main gate for Whitehall, which was the winter home of Henry Morrison Flagler. This ornate front gate is made of wrought iron. The fence that surrounds the property is wrought iron, with a base of white stone. The house can be seen through the gateway. The grounds are landscaped with palm trees and flowering plants. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Galleries: Flagler, Henry Morrison, House; Whitehall, Other Buildings, Palm Beach, Palm Beach
Keywords: henry flagler, henry m. flagler, henry morrison flagler, palm beach, souvenir postcard folder 41, whitehall
Photo Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 3000×1786
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 26°42'20.24"N 80°02'11.15"W
Source: Royal Ponciana / Breakers Hotels, Palm Beach, Florida (souvenir folder) 6
Picture Number: 22040