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The Hotel Detroit at Night

The Hotel Detroit at Night

This four story, brick building is the Hotel Detroit. Some of the rooms on the side of the building have metal balconies. At the front of the building, there is a metal fire escape, with a metal ladder from the roof to the fourth floor, and metal balconies on the second, third, and fourth floors. The lights are on in every window of the hotel, and a lighted sign on the roof displays the hotel's name. Cars are This building is a designated local landmark.
Galleries: Hotels/Motels/Inns, Pinellas, St. Petersburg
Keywords: hotel, hotel detroit, saint petersburg, souvenir postcard folder 286, st. petersburg
Photo Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Date of Photo: [1921]
Original Dimensions: 3000×1781
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 27°46'23.00"N 82°38'24.00"W
Source: St. Petersburg, Florida (souvenir folder) 2
Picture Number: 16996