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The Missions of San Buenaventura and San Isidro

The Missions of San Buenaventura and San Isidro

Location map for Historic American Building Survey of San Buenaventura and San Isidro missions at Pueblo de Las Humanas (Gran Quivira). The sheet offers introductory information including the following: During the early period of Spanish colonization in New Mexico, Franciscan missionaries undertook the conversion of the Salinas Pueblos. Four of the missions established at that time are now included in Salinas National Monument: La Purisma Concepcion at Quarai, San Gregorio at Abo, and San Buenaventura and San Isidro at Gran quivira, or Pubelo de Las Humanas, at it was called in the seventeenth century. The other Salinas Missions were at Chilili, Taxique, and Tabira.

The church of San Isidro was contracted between 1629 and 1631. The convent of this original mission was situated in a remodeled and extended portion of the house block north of the church. From 1631, San Isidro was administered as a visita of Abo, until 1659, when the new church and convent of San Buenaventura were begun. By 1672, Pueblo de Las Humanas was abandoned, and by 1678, so were the other Salinas pueblos and their Missions.

Gran Quivira, as the site later came to be known, was declared a national monument in 1906. Some of the mission structures were initially cleared and stabilized in 1923, and further work was done in the succeeding decades.

Drawing was downloaded from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. and photo edited by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

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Keywords: Gran Quivira, Pueblo de Las Humanas, Salinas Missions, San Buenaventura, San Isidro, drawing
Photo Location: Gran Quivira Ruins, 25 miles south of Mountainair, NM
Photographer: Morgan Rieder and Daniel A. Hernandez
Date of Photo: 06/09/1909
Original Dimensions: 5000×3379
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 34°15'34.99"N 106°5'30.78"W
Picture Number: 26133