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The New Million Dollar Pier

The New Million Dollar Pier

The back cover of this souvenir postcard folder shows the Million Dollar Pier. This type of architecture is often referred to as Mediterranean Revival, which generally means that the building includes elements of the Second Italian Renaissance style, the Italianate style, the Spanish Colonial Revival style, and sometimes the Spanish Mission Revival style. Vintage automobiles are seen driving to and from the building at the end of the pier. Two sets of streetcar tracks run down the center of the pier. Streetlights line both sides of the pier, but are not lit in this scene.
Galleries: One-Point Perspective, Piers, Pinellas, St. Petersburg
Keywords: million dollar pier, pier, saint petersburg, souvenir postcard folder 291, st. petersburg
Photo Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Date of Photo:
Original Dimensions: 1453×879
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 27°46'23.00"N 82°38'24.00"W
Source: St. Petersburg, Florida, "The Sunshine City," Gandy Bridge (souvenir folder) (Milwaukee, WI: E. C. Kropp Co.) cover, back
Picture Number: 17077