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View of Castolon, Formerly Known as Camp Santa Helena

Castolon is a small trading and farming community in far southwest Texas. Set beneath the towering cliffs of the Sierra Ponce, the lack of steady rain makes for an inhospitable climate. This panorama shows several of the buildings in the town, the distant mountains, and the vaulted sky. The long, low building was the general store of Castolon, used before that as the barracks of Camp Santa Helena. The store was owned by the La Harmonia Company, a company which provided necessary goods for the local laboring families. The building on the left served as the officers' quarters when Castolon was a military camp. One can see the wheel of the old steam engine used to pump water from the Rio Grande.

  • Location: Castolon Historic District, Big Bend National Park, Texas
  • GPS: 29°7'60"N, 103°30'51"W