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Food Chain

Create a food chain using Kidspiration.


  • Students will use technology to enhance the effectiveness of communication by writing a paragraph describing their food chain using key vocabulary.
  • Students will know that animals eat plants or other animals to acquire the energy they need for survival by creating a food chain.


  • Study what a food chain is and how it works.
  • Create a food chain on Kidspiration using a template.
  • Use a chart with key vocabulary and write a paragraph about the food chain using some of the vocabulary.

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.D.2.2.3
  • SC.G.1.2.5

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use keyboards and other common input and output devices (including adaptive devices when necessary) efficiently and effectively.
  • Use technology tools (e.g., multimedia authoring, presentation, Web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create knowledge products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.


  • Inspiration
  • Kidspiration
  • Teacher made template


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   ETC > NSA Home > Science 3-5 > Food Chain