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Science 3-5

Body Length Experiment: Students will make graphs that compare the length of your students' bones to the length of their bodies.

Ecosystem: Students will know that there are many different plants and animals living in many different kinds of environments by observing similarities and differences within several different environments within their community.

Food Chain: Students will know that animals eat plants or other animals to acquire the energy they need for survival by creating a food chain.

Hermit Crab Races: Students will measure the length of a hermit crab and a human.

Human Body Parts: Students will locate and label body parts.

Interactive Journeys: Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.

Invention Convention Podcast: Students will create podcasts to share information on their inventions.

Invertebrate Study: Students will conduct online research to further their knowledge of Platyhelminthes.

The Life of a Butterfly: Students will use technology tools to research and create a report on the life of a butterfly.

National Parks: Students will choose a national park to research and create a brochure on an endangered animal in the park.

Publishing a Newspaper about Biomes: Students will use technology to publish a newspaper about biomes.

Pulse Rates: Students will know that the human body is made of systems with structures and functions that are related by studying the relationship between the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

Sea World Fieldtrip Follow-up: Students will use the Internet to reflect on their experiences on their field trip to Sea World.

Solar System: Students will use technology to research and create presentations on the solar system.

Weather: Students will watch the weather each day of the school year and compare weather from each season using Appleworks Spreadsheet.

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