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Invertebrate Study

Students will conduct online research to further their knowledge of Platyhelminthes.


  • Students will understand that structures of living things are adapted to their function in specific environments.
  • Students will know that there are many different kinds of living things that live in a variety of environments.
  • Students will know that animals can be associated with their environment by an examination of their structural characteristics


  • This lesson is part of an invertebrate study and is an extension of a study on Platyhelminthes.
  • First, students use (an age and content appropriate website) to find and copy a picture of a Platyhelminthes that interests them. and then find facts about it.
  • Then, the students will find facts about their flatworm.
  • Next, they will import the information they find into an AppleWorks document
  • Then, they can print the information and also save it as their own personal file.

Sunshine State Standards

  • SC.F.2.2.3
  • SC.G.1.2.1
  • SC.G.1.2.5
  • SC.G.1.2.7
  • LA.B.2.2.1
  • LA.B.2.2.3
  • LA.B.2.2.4

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use keyboards and other common input and output devices (including adaptive devices when necessary) efficiently and effectively.
  • Use general purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Use technology tools (e.g., multimedia authoring, presentation, Web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create knowledge products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Determine when technology is useful and select the appropriate tool(s) and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems.


  • Laptops
  • Internet Access
  • AppleWorks software (or Microsoft Word)

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   ETC > NSA Home > Science 3-5 > Invertebrate Study: Students will conduct online research on an invertebrate of their choice and write a report.