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Compare and Contrast Zoo Animals

Students will explore similarities and differences between zoo animals through research on the Internet.


  • Students will be able to make comparisons using a T-chart or Venn Diagram.
  • Students will be able to create their own T-chart or Venn diagram using Microsoft Word.
  • Students will be able to pick out similarities and differences between two animals of their choice using the assigned website.


  • Students will work in pairs for the assignment.
  • Students will follow the webquest located on my teacher homepage.
  • Students will fill out the given handout according to the directions.
  • Students will create a t-chart or venn diagram in Microsoft Word that compares and contrasts two animals on the assigned website.

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.E 1.3.2
  • LA.A 1.3.2
  • SC.H.3.3.7

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Apply strategies for identifying and solving routine hardware and software problems that occur during everyday use.
  • Use content-specific tools, software, and simulations (e.g., environmental probes, graphing calculators, exploratory environments, Web tools) to support learning and research.
  • Apply productivity/multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, group collaboration, and learning throughout the curriculum. Select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems.


  • Computers with Internet Access
  • Student Handout
  • Activeboard Interactive Whiteboard (optional)

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   ETC > NSA Home > Language Arts 6-8 > Compare and Contrast Zoo Animals