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Language Arts 6-8

Creating a Movie: Students will learn how to use multimedia tools to create and share a movie.

Compare and Contrast Zoo Animals: Students will explore similarities and differences between zoo animals through research on the Internet.

Dollars for Darfur: Students will use technology to make a difference by informing, influencing, and impacting others.

European Newscast: Students will work collaboratively to learn about other cultures through internet research and then produce a newscast.

Glory Field Author Brochure: Students will research author Walter Dean Myers using online resources and then create an electronic brochure based on their findings.

Learning Abstract Concepts: Students will create a movie depicting an abstract concept.

Liberty Scavenger Hunt: Students will use the internet to learn about the events leading up to the American Revolution.

Literature Blog: Students will use a blog to post reflections on books they are reading.

Mark Twain: Students will learn about Mark Twain through the creation of an informative website.

Must Love Animals: Students will research an animal they are interested in and present their findings in a AppleWorks slideshow.

Publishing a Magazine: Students will learn to use iPages for publishing a magazine.

The Roman Empire: Students will learn about the Roman Empire using timelines, maps, and the internet.

Surviving a Hurricane: Students will learn how to survive a hurricane through the use of an interactive website and related worksheets.

Virtual Vacation: Students will learn about the culture and geography of a foreign city by creating a virtual vacation.

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt: Students will use online references to define vocabulary words.

Wild Egypt: Students will use wireless laptops to learn about Egypt and then answer questions online.

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   ETC > NSA Home > Language Arts 6-8