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Science 6-8

Can Acids and Bases Remedy the Body?: Students will learn how acids affect bases by performing experiments using probeware.

Compare and Contrast Zoo Animals: Students will explore similarities and differences between zoo animals through research on the Internet.

How We Impact Earth: Students will learn how humans impact the earth and present their findings through a multimedia presentation.

Making a Map of the Classroom: Students will use map making skills to create a map of the classroom.

Must Love Animals: Students will research an animal they are interested in and present their findings in a AppleWorks slideshow.

Rocket Riot: Students will learn the extensive preparation necessary for a rocket launch.

Storm Busters: Students will work in cooperative groups to investigate hurricanes and invent a way to diffuse or redirect a hurricane before it becomes destructive

Surviving a Hurricane: Students will learn how to survive a hurricane through the use of an interactive website and related worksheets.

Weather Newscast: Students will learn about weather patterns and television production while creating a mock weather report.

What is Life?: Students will use spreadsheets to distinguish the living and non-living objects they encounter.

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   ETC > NSA Home > Science 6-8