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Presentation Icon Buttons

Description: Choose from 56 styles of 160 icons commonly seen in presentations and websites. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
NOTE: Each button has a transparent background so you can use it against any background. Simply click and drag the button(s) you want from this webpage to your desktop or, if you prefer, right-click and select "copy" or "save" from the pop-up menu.

Aluminum Extrude


Basket Weave

Black Tile Down

Black Tile Up

Black Diagonal

Blue Streak

Blue Swirl

Brass Down

Brass Extrude

Brass Up


Camouflage Green Down

Camouflage Green Up

Candy Apple Down

Candy Apple Up


Cherry Wood

Dark Green Stone

Daytona Blue Down

Daytona Blue Up


Green Palm

Green-Gold Down

Green-Gold Up

Grey Marble

High Contrast

High Contrast Reverse

Metal Sewer Grid

Metallic Purple

Old Gold Down

Old Gold Up

Orange Extrude

Pewter Down

Pewter Up

Pink Marble

Purple and Gold

Purple Burst

Racing Green Down

Racing Green Up

Red Swirl


Redwood Extrude

Rough Metal with Blue

Rough Metal with Green

Rough Metal with Red

Rough Metal with Yellow

Sheet Metal

Stainless Steel Down

Stainless Steel Up



Warp Speed

Wood and Mustard

Yellow Wood Darkened

Yellow Wood Highlight

ETC > Presentations ETC Home > Buttons > Icon Buttons

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