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Podcasting with Audacity Video Tutorials

These movies show you how to record a podcast using Audacity. You will need to have Quicktime Player installed to view these movies.

  • Installing the LAME Encoder (2.2 MB)
    This movie shows you how to properly install the LAME Encoder. The LAME Encoder allows you to export MP3 files from Audacity. The MP3 files are compressed and thus are smaller and take less time to download.

  • Setting Up Preferences (2.2 MB)
    This movie shows you how to configure Audacity for podcasting, including how to set the right bit rate.

  • Saving the Project (752 KB)
    One of the first things you should do when you're creating a podcast is save your project file. The project file (.aup) in Audacity is the file you can go back and edit later.

  • Recording - Part 1 (1.1 MB)
    This movie covers the basic recording technique in Audacity.

  • Recording - Part 2 (1.5 MB)
    This movie shows you another way you can record in Audacity. Audacity creates a new track each time you press the Record button, but you can also record everything to a single track by pausing in the middle of the recording.

  • Previewing a Recording (1.9 MB)
    This movie shows you how to preview your recording.

  • Zoom Tools (1.7 MB)
    This movie shows you how to use the zoom tools in Audacity to get a better view of your project.

  • Editing Content (2.4 MB)
    This movie shows you how to remove part of your recording, as well as how to copy and paste content between tracks.

  • Noise Removal (1.9 MB)
    This movie shows you how to use the Noise Removal effect in Audacity to remove background noise. A little goes a long way with this effect.

  • Adjusting Volume Level (1.8 MB)
    This movie shows you to different ways to adjust the volume in Audacity: using the Gain slider, which adjusts the volume for the entire track; and using the Amplify filter, which allows you to adjust the volume of a selection.

  • Import Background Music (2.3 MB)
    This movie shows you to import a music file to use as background music for your Audacity project.

  • Time Shift Tool (1.9 MB)
    The Time Shift tool allows you to move content in a track. In this movie, I show you how to slide the voice on track one over so that the background music on track two plays by itself at the beginning of the podcast.

  • Fade Effects (1.5 MB)
    This movie shows you how to create fade in and fade out effects.

  • Envelope Tool (2.5 MB)
    The Envelope tool gives you more control over the volume levels of your recording. This movie shows you how to use the Envelope tool to adjust the volume over time.

  • Exporting as MP3 (2.4 MB)
    This movie shows you how to export your Audacity project as an MP3 file which will be compressed and thus much smaller in size.

  • Export Multiple Tracks (2 MB)
    This movie demonstrates a feature of Audacity that allows you to export the contents of several tracks as individual files.


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