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Online Safety Videos

These tutorials show you how to enable the parental controls and other security features of Windows Vista to ensure the online safety of your students. These tutorials will require you to have the Flash plugin installed (this free plugin can be downloaded from the Adobe website).

Each tutorial includes a controls area at the bottom. Use the Pause button to stop the tutorial while you try out the steps.

  • Enabling Parental Controls
    The parental controls feature of Windows Vista allows you to control when the computer can be used as well as which programs can be used. In this tutorial, learn how to set up a separate account with parental controls enabled.

  • Blocking Websites with the Web Filter
    The parental controls feature in Windows Vista includes a web filter that can be used to block specific websites from being accessed from your computer. You can use this feature to block websites with inappropriate content.

  • Limiting Access Times
    This tutorial shows you how to control when students can be on the computer using the Time Limits feature included with Windows Vista's parental controls.

  • Managing Game Play
    In this tutorial, learn how to limit which games can be played on the computer based on the ratings on the game boxes. Using this feature, you can allow only games that are appropriate for the age and maturity level of your students.

  • Managing Program Access
    Learn how you can control which programs can be used on the computer. You can use this feature to limit computer use to programs that have educational uses.

  • Viewing Activity Reports
    The parental controls feature of Windows Vista keeps track of the activity on your computer while it is enabled. In this tutorial, learn how to view the activity reports generated by Windows Vista. These activity reports will show you which websites and programs have been accessed on the computer.


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