Distribution of the Cranial Nerves

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“The cranial nerves are thus arranged in pairs: 1, olfactory nerves, special nerves of smell; 2, optic nerves, passing to each eyeball, devoted to sight; 3, 4, and 6 control the muscles fo the eyes; 5, trifacial in three branches, which proceed mainly to the face, partly sensory and partly motor; 7, facial nerves, controlling the facial muscles; 8, auditory, or nerves of hearing; 9, glossopharyngeal nerves, partly sensory and partly motor: each nerve contains two roots, one a nerve of taste, the other a motor nerve, which controls the muscles engaged in swallowing; 10, pneumogastric nerves; 11, spinal accessory nerves, supplying some of the muscles of the neck and back; 12, hypoglossal nerves, controlling the movements of the tongue in speech and swallowing.” — Blaisedell, 1904


Albert F. Blaisedell Our bodies and How We Live (Boston: Ginn &, 1904) 220


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