Stock, right side view

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“The parts are the butt, A; small, B; magazine well, C; barrel bed, D; air chamber, E, which reduces the charring effect og a heater barrel on the stock; small butt plate screw hole and seat for the butt plate tang, F; butt swivel plate seat, G; mortise for receiver tang lug and hole for rear guard screw, H; mortise for sear and slot for trigger, I; cut-off thumb-piece recess, J; mortise for recoil on the receiver, K; bed for fixed base, L; grasping grooves, N; shoulder for lower band, O; bed for band spring, P; shoulder for upper band, Q; channels for decreasing weight, R; upper band screw hole, S; and the stock screw hole, T. The large hole in butt is for decreasing weight, and the smaller one is a pocket for the combination oiler and thong case.” — Moss, 1914




James A. Moss Manual of Military Training (Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing Company, 1914) 562


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