Muscular Tissue

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This illustration shows a diagram of nervous and cross-striate muscular tissue, showing the mode of connection between nerve fibres and muscle fibres. A, nerve cell (g) connected with muscle fibre (mf.) by nerve fibre (n.f.). The muscle fibre (m.f.) is composed of numerous fibrils (f) which are made up lengthwise of alternating discs of ligter and darker substance. These fibrils are shown more highly magnified in B and C. In B the fibril is uncontracted; in C it is contracted. D, nerve fibre more highly magnified showing a, axis; m, medullary sheath; and s, Schwann’s sheath; ax., axon; d, dendron; n, node; n.m., nerve-muscle plate.


Thomas Walton Galloway, Zoology A Text-Book For Secondary Schools, Normal Schools and Colleges (Philadelphia: P. Plakiston's Son & Co., 1913) 54


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