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“An American machine, introduced into England by Mr. Ellis. It consists of an iron cylindrical casing A, open about a fourth part of its circumference (a to b) for admission of air, and an exit pipe B. Inside the casing is another cylinder, placed eccentrically to it, and which always fits close up against the wooden packing C. This cylinder acts as a driver for the three fan blades or pistons D, which are capable of passing out and in through longitudinal slits in its circumference. There is a shaft passing through the small cylinder, and concentric with it at the ends, but cranked in the middle part so as to become concentric with the casing. The inner cylinder revolves round the axis of the ends of the shaft, and on the cranked part revolve the fan blades or pistons, driven by the cylinder.” — Encyclopedia Britanica, 1893


The Encyclopedia Britannica, New Warner Edition (New York, NY: The Werner Company, 1893)


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