Scorpio Embryo

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“Embryo of scorpion, ventral view showing somites and appendages. sgc, Frontal groove. sa, Rudiment of lateral eyes. obl, Camerostome (upper lip). so, Sense-organ of Patten. PrGabp1, Rudiment of the appendage of the praegenital somite which disappears. abp2, Rudiment of the right half of the genital operculum. abp3, Rudiment of the right half of the genital operculum. abp4 to abp7, Rudiments of the four appendages which carry the pulmonary lamellae. I to VI, Rudiments of the six limbs of the prosoma. VIIPrG, The evanescent praegenital somite. VIII, The first mesosomatic somite or genital somite. IX, The second mesosomatic somite or pectiniferous somite. X to XIII, The four pulmoniferous somites. XIV, The first metasomatic somite.” — The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910


The Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition (New York: The Encyclopedia Britannica Company, 1910)II:293


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