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“Galeodes sp., one of the solifugae. Dorsal view. I to VI, Bases of the prosomatic appendages. o, Eyes. a, Lateral region of the cephalic plate to which the first pair of appendages are articulated. b, Cephalic plate with median eye. c, Dorsal element of somites bearing third and fourth pairs of appendages. d, Second plate of the prosoma with fifth pair of appendages. e, Third or hindermost plate of the prosoma beneath which the sixth pair of legs is articulated. 1, 2, 9, 10, First, second, ninth and tenth somites of the opisthosoma. an, Anus.” — The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910


The Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition (New York: The Encyclopedia Britannica Company, 1910)II:308


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