Spinal Nerve Roots

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Diagram showing relation of neurons composing the spinal nerve roots with adjacent nervous structures. Labels: S.E., sensory epithelium connected by a sensory neuron with spinal cord; S.M., striated muscle receiving the axon from a motor-cell in the ventral horn of the gray matter in the cord; Sp. F., spinal fibers, medullated, sensory, and the motor, passing to the sympathetic ganglion where they connect with sympathetic neurons; S.F., S.F., non-medullated fibers from the sympathetic neurons passing to the viscera, the axons going to the plain muscle (P.M.), the dendrites to the sensory endings (S.E.).


Kimber, Diana C. Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1907)


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