Lymphatic Vessels and Glands

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Femoral iliac and aortic lymphatic vessels and glands. Labels: 1, saphena magna vein; 2, external iliac artery and vein; 3, primitive iliac artery and vein; 4, aorta; 9, superior set of inguinal lymphatic glands; 10, chain of lymphatics; 11, lymphatics which accompany the circumflex iliac vessels; 12, lumbar an aortic lymphatics; 13, origin of thoracic duct; 14, thoracic duct at its commencement.


Miller, F. E.; Hunt, H. L.; McCormick, F.J.; Burr, B.; & King, M.L. Domestic Medical Practice: A Household Adviser in the Treatment of Diseases, Arranged for Family Use (Chicago: Domestic Medical Society, 1919) 52


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