Genus Populus, L. (Aspen, Poplar)

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Leaves - simple; alternate; edge toothed. Outline - roundish egg-shape. Apex - usually blunt (never taper-pointed). Base - heart-shape, sometimes with the lobes so close or overlapping as to cover the end of the leaf-stem. Leaf/Stem - nearly round. Leaf - three to six inches long (on young sprouts, eight to ten inches); when young, thickly covered with white down; becoming smooth, except on the ribs below. Found - in borders of swamps, from Long Island southward to Southern Georgia, through the Gulf States to Western Louisiana, and northward to Southern Illinois and Indiana. Rare and local. General Information - A tree sixty to eighty feet high.


Trees: D-H


Newhall, Charles S. The Trees of North-Eastern America (New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1900) 89


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