Digestive Organs

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The stomach, pancreas, liver, and duodenum, with part of the rest of the small intestine and the mesentery; the stomach and liver have been turned up so as to expose the pancreas. Labels: V, stomach; D, D’, D’, duodenum; L, spleen P, pancreas; R, right kidney; T, jejunum; Vf, gallbladder; h, hepatic duct; c, cystic duct; ch, common bile-duct; 1, aorta, 2, an artery (left coronary) of the stomach; 3, hepatic artery; splenic artery; , superior mesenteric artery; 6, superior mesenteric vein; 7, splenic vein; Vp, portal vein.


Martin, H. Newell & Martin, Ernest G. The Human Body: An Account of Its Structure and Activities and the Conditions of its Healthy Working (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1917) 459


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