Dog Skull

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“Lower surface of dog’s skull. o.c., Occipital condyle; B.O., basioccipital; T., tympanic bulla; m.c., postglenoid process behind fossa for condyle of mandible; B.S., basisphenoid; P.S., base of presphenoid; V., vomer; M.2, second molar; M.1, first molar; Pm. 1-4, premolars, the 4th the large carnassial; c., canine; I.1-3, incisors; Pmx., premaxilla; mx., maxilla; Pal., palatine; J., jugal; A.S., alisphenoid; Pt., pterygoid; Sq., squamosal (the reference line points to the glenoid fossa).” -Thomson, 1916


J. Arthur Thomson, M.A., LL.D. Outlines of Zoology (New York, NY: D. Appleton & Company, 1916)


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