Touch Corpuscles

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Touch corpuscles are found in the papillae of the skin of the fingers and toes, or among its epithelium; they may be simple or compound; when simple, they are large and slightly flattened transparent nucleated ganglion cells, enclosed in a capsule; when compound the capsule contains several smalls cells. Shown are the papillae from the skin of the hand, freed from the cuticle and exhibiting tactile corpuscles. A. Simple papilla with four nerve fibers; a, tactile corpuscles; b, nerves with cells and fine elastic filaments; b, tactile corpuscle with transverse nuclei; c, entering nerve with neurilemma or perineurium; d and e, nerve fibers winding round the corpuscle.


Baker, W. Morrant & Harris, Vincent Dormer Kirkes' Hand-book of Physiology, 13th ed. (Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1892) 108


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