Medulla Oblongata

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Section of the medulla oblongata at about the middle of the olivary body. f.l.a., anterior median fissure;, nucleus arciformis; p., pyramid; XII., bundle of hypoglossal nerve emerging from the surface; at b, it is seen coursing between the pyramid and the olivary nucleus, o.; f.a.e., external arciform fibers; n.l., nucleus lateralis; a., arciform fibers passing towards restiform body, partly through the substantia gelatinosa, g., partly superficial to the ascending root of the fifth nerve, a.V.; X., bundle of vagus root emerging; f.r., formatio reticularis; c.r., corpus restiform, beginning to be formed, chiefly by arciform fibers, superficial and deep; n.c., nucleus of the funiculus teres;, nucleus ambiguus; r., raphe; A., continuation of the anterior column of cord; o’, o", accessory olivary nucleus; p.o., pedunculus olivae.


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