View of Brain from Above

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View of brain from above. F, Frontal lobe; P, Parietal lobe; O, Occipital lobe; T, Temporal lobe; S, fissure of Sylvius; S’, horizontal; S", ascending ramus of the same; c, sulcus centralis (fissure of Rolando); A, ascending frontal convolutions; fr, superior, f2, inferior frontal sulcus; f3, precentral sulcus; P1, superior parietal lobule; P2, inferior parietal lobule consisting of P2, supramarginal gyrus, and P2’, angular gyrus; ip, interparietal sulcus; cm, termination of callosomarginal fissure; O1, first O2, second, 03, third occipitals inferior; T1, first T2, second, T3, third temporal convolutions; tr, first , t2, second temporal fissures. Sr, end of horizontal ramus of fissure of Sylvius.




Baker, W. Morrant & Harris, Vincent Dormer Kirkes' Hand-book of Physiology, 13th ed. (Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1892) 637


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