Embryo at Fourth Week

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A human embryo of the fourth week. I, the chorion; 3, part of the amnion; 4, umbilical vesicle with its long pedicle passing into the abdomen; 7, the heart; 8, the liver; 9, the visceral arch destined to form the lower jaw, beneath which are two other visceral arches separated by the branchial clefts; 10, rudiment of the upper extremity, 11, that of the lower extremity; 12, the umbilical cord; 15, the eye; 16, the ear; 17, cerebral hemispheres; 18, optic lobes, corpora quadrigemina.


embryo, pregnancy


Baker, W. Morrant & Harris, Vincent Dormer Kirkes' Hand-book of Physiology, 13th ed. (Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1892) 819


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